The story, so far...

You're an ordinary dock worker keeping an eye on what you thought was some ordinary cargo. However, your ship gets attacked and shot down by a strange alien race! Now you have to use the experimental Synergy Gun Mk. 1 to solve puzzles and escape your crashed down ship!! 


[W, A, S, D] - Omni-directional movement

[Shift] - Sprint

[Left-Click] - Shoot Synergy Gun

[Right-Click] - Retract shot

[E] - interact

Created by:

Bionicc: Lead Play Tester

SnuggleBee: 3D Artist

Shadow DA B0SS: Game/Level Designer

RikTheGuy: Programming

Bert Henkel: Programming

Shlof: Music/SFX

Major known issues:

Lighting: After Level 2, there is a lighting issue that persists throughout the game. It makes things really dark. 

Collision: The door panel in level 2.

Enemies: We didn't have enough time to implement combat. But, we got the models done for the enemies! 

Tips, to combat issues:

1) The generator in level 3 is in the middle of the room. Once it is powered, go up the ramp to go out the way you came in.

2) To hit the door panel in level two, you have to shoot the right side of it. 


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Love the aesthetic and the music, god it's tense. Really great work.